Commercial Tree Services

Gunnison Tree Services stands as the foremost tree care provider in the Atlanta area for apartment complexes, golf courses, municipalities, businesses, HOAs, and campuses.

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Property Managers, Project Managers, Superintendents, and Contractors have a unique relationship with the trees on their property or project. We understand that you have a job to do and that you rely on our ability to stick to your budget and perform our services in a timely and professional manner.

We provide professional commercial tree pruning and removal throughout the Greater Atlanta Area and the Southeast. GTS has the equipment and the experience to get in and out of your project so you can move to the next phase.

Why Choose Gunnison Tree Service for Your Commercial Tree Service Needs

Gunnison brings decades of Atlanta-area expertise, backed by a highly knowledgeable team of skilled arborists equipped with the best tools to deliver innovative solutions.

Our enduring relationship with Georgia Power, one of our most long standing clients, exemplifies our commitment to careful planning, continuous communication, and a foundation of care, performance, and trust. This historical partnership forms the cornerstone of our customer service approach, ensuring that every client receives the same level of dedication required for maintaining a decades-long association with the state's largest utility provider.

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How Does Professional Tree Care Benefit My Commercial Property?

Professional tree care can bring a multitude of advantages to your commercial property. Firstly, it can significantly boost your property's value by enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal and creating a more inviting atmosphere. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, maintaining trees can also lead to reduced energy costs as strategically pruned trees can provide shade, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning during hot seasons.

Opting for professional tree care demonstrates your commitment to environmental sustainability, contributing positively to the environment. Healthy trees not only improve the visual appeal but also support the ecosystem by providing shelter and habitat for wildlife.

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Commercial Tree Services We Offer

Our comprehensive solutions cover all project phases, including pre-construction planning and long-term budget forecasting for the next 5-10 years. We are recognized as the leading experts in tree management for large-scale projects, offering adaptable solutions tailored to meet diverse project requirements.

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Tree Treatment & Health Inspection

Similar to the trees on our residential clients' properties, trees on commercial properties require regular inspection and monitoring to ensure their health and longevity. This safeguards against potential risks to visitors and helps trees continue providing benefits to your gardens and landscape. Our arborists and plant health care department collaborate effectively to diagnose and address the tree health requirements for your property, no matter the size.

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Soil Treatment

In urban and suburban settings, trees often face soil deficits due to compaction, limited soil volume, nutrient deficiency and topsoil scarcity. Our soil care program addresses these challenges to meet the specific needs of your trees.

Tree Pest Control

Our team of arborists leverages our diverse backgrounds and expertise, collaborating to expertly diagnose and address a wide range of tree-related issues. Whether it's insect damage or root concerns, we possess the knowledge and skill to deliver the best solutions.

Gunnison Tree Services maintains right of ways with a helicopter-mounted saw

Environmental Consulting

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Tree Management Plan

Each management plan begins with a comprehensive tree inventory, followed by a tailored approach to each project. Our tree management plans are developed based on your budget and tree needs and can be formatted in the timeline that suits your goals.

Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Risk Assessments must be performed by a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist (TRAQ). These comprehensive evaluations of individual trees offer an objective assessment and a detailed report on the potential risks posed by the tree to nearby targets.. We employ multiple TRAQ arborists that can provide Level 1, 2 or 3 assessments, given the requirements of your project.

Consulting Arborist

Our team of seasoned arborists collaborates closely with developers, site plan engineers, and landscape architects to preserve mature canopies, meet site requirements, and provide cost-effective, long-term solutions. Meeting with a consulting arborist early in your project development can help provide seamless navigation through the code enforcement process.

State of the Art

Utility Solutions

Gunnison Tree Services maintains right of ways with a helicopter-mounted saw
Aerial Saw
Our professional team coordinates with the most experienced helicopter pilots, providing an efficient, safe operation.
Gunnison Tree Services bucket trucks
Bucket Fleet
Our fleet of bucket trucks is capable of providing services to your neighborhood, all across the Southeast.
Worker overseeing tree mulching equipment
Gunnison provides land clearing solutions and full-service utility tree operations, leaving a clean and safe site. We believe in recycling wood waste for future use as mulch and mulch products.
A Gunnison Tree Services all-terrain tree trimmer
Sky Trim
Even in the toughest high-density urban or off road environments, we can provide solutions for rough terrain.
A Gunnison Tree professional sprays plant healthcare products
Vegetation Management
Our utility team provides safe and effective herbicide applications to maximize your investment.
Safety inspection
Safety Team
We believe in the power of our people. Our team has the knowledge, tools and experience to provide the safest solutions.
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