Plant Healthcare

Treat your trees like family
“Atlanta has a forest canopy, but not the forest floor.”

We believe in minimizing the use of insecticides and fungicides, so we do not spray pesticides or fungicides into the air. An emphasis on proper diagnosis coupled with high-quality systemic materials, targeted trunk applications and natural predatory insects (biological control) allows us to achieve excellent results from our treatment programs without the need to soak the garden in chemicals.

Soil Health

Together, we must make efforts to restore the nutrients to our soil that grows healthy trees. Healthy soil equals healthy plants. Healthy soils require microbes and organic matter along with elemental nutrients. We customize and soil care program for the specific needs of your property.

Insect and Disease

Not all insects are bad! Although some insects damage trees, many are beneficial to the ecosystem. It’s important to know the difference, and we do. Our approach to insect pests is unique; rather than incessantly spraying pesticides, we leverage nature’s own insect controls. Our disease treatment programs focus on improving the plant’s natural defense mechanisms with cutting-edge treatment options and soil care.

Tree leaves with sooty mold showing evidence of aphids.
Sooty mold (evidence of aphids)

Tree Management Plans

Think about your favorite neighborhood and then try to visualize it without trees. Larger properties benefit from a tree inventory and pro-active management plan.

Tree map

Tree Risk Assessment

Concerned about a tree? Our arborists are Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) to perform risk assessment and provide recommendations to help minimize the risk of failures.

How can we help?
Our certified arborists are available for a complimentary tree care consultation, so you can have peace of mind about your trees.