Proactive Tree Care: Planning for Construction on Your Property

Are you thinking of making a significant change to your home or property? When considering renovating your home or putting in a pool, it is important to schedule a consultation with an arborist.  Construction can and will impact the trees on your property. Making sure that efforts are made to reduce the likelihood of damage to your trees during the process is important, even if the trees are not in the immediate vicinity of the construction project.

Grass and tree with construction fence and vehicles behind

Some trees may need to be removed in order to accommodate the addition or installation which is an obvious reason to reach out to an arborist. However there are less obvious issues that may arise as a result of construction where a trained experienced arborist can make recommendations that could make the difference between healthy trees or having to remove them in the future.

One of our main concerns when looking at trees is the health of the soil.  Removing or even moving soil on your property can impact the trees that are not immediately adjacent to the work zone. Changing soil volume has a direct impact on the hydrology of your site.  Trees that previously had good drainage may now pool water at the base which can create an unhealthy growing environment.  Conversely, water may be redirected away from trees that had grown accustomed to large amounts of water. Any changes in soil conditions that the trees are accustomed to can impact their health.

Removing trees or structures that block wind or sunlight from surrounding trees can also have an impact on the long term health of the remaining trees. If your project involves demolishing a structure, or removing a large amount of trees, considerations should be made for the impact on the surrounding trees. 

Other ways that construction can directly affect the trees on your property can involve increased traffic on otherwise natural areas. Will there be a dumpster sitting on tree roots? Will a large machine travel near a tree? Is there potential for a machine to strike the trunk of a tree? Do your trees need protection fencing to prevent contractors from coming within striking distance? These are all questions that your arborist will ask and consider when coming up with a plan for your project. 

Or are you planning to do the project yourself? While being a diy-er has many benefits, it is important to be careful with new or unfamiliar processes. For example, do not rinse paint brushes or other chemicals into your yard. This can impact the pH of the soil around your trees. Do not store supplies like large orders of lumber or roofing materials near your trees as it can compact the soil, limit water supply, or damage the roots. 

The important thing to remember is that a consultation with an arborist does not cost you anything, but having to remove trees damaged during construction can be expensive in the future. Involving an arborist every step of the way can help to preserve the life of your trees and benefit the overall look and health of your property.

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