Sandy Springs, Georgia

Find your regulatory agency for Tree Removals:​
Within city limits: Georgia City Limits Map
Within county limits: Atlanta Counties Map

Tree Removal Permit Required: YES

Key Submission Items:

Submission Portal: You can apply for a permit online at Build Sandy Springs. Build Sandy Springs is where you can complete your application, submit supporting documents, pay invoices, and view your current permit status.​

City Website:

Landmark Tree Definition​:
Hardwoods > 27” DBH
Pines > 30” DBH
Dogwoods and redbuds > 10” DBH (in fair or better condition)

Protected and Buffer/Setback Tree Definitions​:
Protected Tree = 18” DBH or larger, other than a Landmark Tree or Setback Tree, in fair or better condition. Buffer/Setback Tree = A tree 18” DBH or larger located in the minimum required setbacks of any property.

Dead, Dying, Hazardous (DDH) Definition​:
A tree posing immediate hazard or danger to a person or property due to imminent failure in part or whole.

​Contact the Sandy Springs City Arborist at 770-730-5600 or reach out via email at

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