Milton, Georgia

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Specimen Tree Definition
Any tree in fair or better condition which equals or exceeds the following diameter sizes:
Large/Medium hardwood trees = +24” DBH inches (large to medium height class and/or very wide to wide canopy class)
​Small mature trees = +8” DBH (small height class and/or narrow or very narrow canopy class);   ​
Other trees = 27” DBH (Pine trees, Sweetgums, and Tulip-Poplars regardless of mature tree height class).

​Dead, Dying, Hazardous (DDH) Definition
A tree posing immediate hazard or danger to a person or property due to imminent failure in part or whole. 

Contact City Arborist Sandra Dewitt at or (678) 242-2552. City Arborist Sandra Dewitt at or (678) 242-2552.

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