Decatur, Georgia

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​Within city limits: Georgia City Limits Map
Within county limits: Atlanta Counties Map

​Tree Removal Permit Required: YES

Key Submission Items:

Submission Portal: All permits are completed online through Community Core permitting system.
To set up an account, email the following information to​
City Website:

Quick facts:

Specimen Tree Definition​.

Dead, Dying, Hazardous (DDH) Definition​
A tree posing immediate hazard or danger to a person or property due to imminent failure in part or whole. ​​Undesirable Species List​
Mimosa, Tree of heaven, Chinese privet, Chinaberry, Princess tree, Tallow tree.​​

Contact the Decatur City Arborist: Kay Evanovich, City Arborist, 678-553-6527 or

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