Clarkston, Georgia

Find your regulatory agency for Tree Removals:​
Within city limits: Georgia City Limits Map
Within county limits: Atlanta Counties Map

​Tree Removal Permit Required: YES*
*Required when removing a specimen tree. ​
*Required when removing more than 10% of trees on property.

Key Submission Items:

Submission Portal:
Apply for a tree removal permit in person at 1055 Rowland Street Clarkston, Georgia 30021.​
City Website:

Quick facts:​

Specimen Tree Definition:
Any tree or group of trees within the protected zone which has been determined to be of high value because of its species, size, age or other definable criteria and so designated by the city tree consultant.

Dead, Dying, Hazardous (DDH) Definition:
A tree posing immediate hazard or danger to a person or property due to imminent failure in part or whole. ​​

the Planning and Development Manager, Mollie Bogle at

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